Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Governor Martinez who at first hated the Spaceport championed by former Governor Bill Richardson has now embraced it.  She smiled gleefully as she posed with Virgin Atlantic's Richard Branson at the dedication of the facility.  I am pretty sure that Bill Richardson was not at the function given her constant criticism of him and blaming him for everything but this year's drought.  That is gratitude for you but in politics it is nothing out of the ordinary.

 I remember that after leaving office of Mayor of Albuquerque never being invited to the projects that were started under my term when they were dedicated.  The one that hurt was the major addition to the Albuquerque Museum that I worked for and passed in a bond issue.  Neither Mayor Chavez or the Board of the Museum bothered to call with an invite.  But that is politics.  The sad thing is that Susanna Martinez will put her name on plaque at the space port when she had little to do with its inception or vision of the future and in fact started down a road to derail the project as best she could.  Just like Marty Chavez put his name on the Isoptopes Stadium when  he had nothing to do with it.

Still, most people will remember that Governor Richardson did this Spaceport.  And I have to admit many people remember I did the baseball stadium.


Rita said...

I remember you were responsible for the Museum expansion, and still remind everyone who listens. And I did ask to have you put on the invitation list for the opening. And I'm still asking the Foundation people to put you on the invitation lists. Tells you how much they listen to me.

Thank you, anyway, for making the beautiful expansion possible.

Vicki said...

As you know, Jim, the collective political memory is short and gratitude is non-existent. I think that the lack of general appreciation for those who serve us in public office is responsible for the cynicism and money-oriented self-enrichment politics that dominates America today. Thank you for all you have done.