Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Michael Coleman of the Albuquerque Journal Washington Bureau had a thoughtful piece on the growing Wall Street protests.  He basically said what I have been thinking.  He feels this is a serious movement aimed at the increasing wealth inequality in this country.  Although it is a somewhat leaderless movement it can't be considered to be a bunch of old meandering hippies.  It is a growing phenomenon.

My friend Rodger Beimer is a very observant guy.  Probably left over from his journalism days.  He said if people were to take a ride between Carlisle Avenue and Tramway on Central they would get a dose of reality on how sick our local economy is by counting the number of closed businesses.  I had done that drive the other day and noticed the forlorn look, but Rodger looked deeper and saw the real damage.  Still, we hear little from our Governor and Mayor on any sort of meaningful job programs.  We must bear some of the load since the republicans in Congress seem to equate putting people back to work with raising taxes and deficits.  They don't seem to understand what 'Priming the Pump"means.  I remember my wise old grandfather Delfin teaching me how to do that in Pena Blanca.


Rodney said...

I remember having to prime a pump on a ranch one of my uncles worked on near Lovington. There was a canteen with water in it hanging on the pump and scratched into the side of this canteen was the message: "Pour the water into the top of the pump. Refill the canteen and leave it on the pump. If you don't the next cowboy goes thirsty".

Somehow, I just can't see the Koch brothers of the world refilling the canteen.

Vicki said...

Koch brothers to Rodney: "What's the problem? No Single Malt left? Let them use Cutty."