Monday, October 31, 2011


The Albuquerque Journal just keeps trying to put public employees in the crosshairs of everything that is wrong in our lives.  Today their weepy front page columnist drove the last nails into the public servant careers of two employees by celebrating their departure after they made an error in judgement.  Good people I am sure, but no mistakes can be made in the Journal's estimation if you are a person that works for the public.  Why, they are just vampires aren't they?

Do you thing the editors could at  least do one story on a dedicated government employee a month?  Just throw out a bone?  Given the number of government employees around the area, including ones on contracts, it might be a good idea.

On another issue of vitriol the Journal finally.....finally,  printed a story on the scientist who got wide coverage for debunking global warming changing his mind and saying he was wrong after studying the data he attacked.  This story came out last week and was somewhat glossed over by everyone and ignored by our hometown paper.  I guess it just became to obvious that the story had to be done.  I mean they have to keep up appearances don't they?

Waking up to the Journal every morning is good for me.  It gets my blood moving quickly!  I owe them thanks for that.


Abq Dude said...

Interesting that the Journal seldom reports on the legal settlements when those victimized employees sue and win. I guess they don't want to admit when they are wrong.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention todays Journal's editorial on State pensions. The Journal has complete and total contempt against any and all government wokers and resents that people can retire with government pensions, including yourself. The Journal pays their reporters very poorly and has a piss poor pension program if any at all. The Journal has the typical Republican business philosophy: Work people desperate for a job as hard as you possibly can, pay people as little as possible with little or no benefits, and tell the worker they are lucky to have the job because no one owes you a living, even though you are working for what you are being paid, including a pension. What is even more discusting is that Governor Martinez and her husband have the same philosophy, with both having worked for years in Government, Susana as a DA and her husband who is now a retired cop, therefor reprsenting hypocracy at its finest. Perhaps the Governor should turn down her salary to work for free and her husband shoud give up his government pension. After all, they still will be living for free in the Governors Mansion at tax payer expense.