Thursday, October 27, 2011


New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Charles Daniels took on the neo con special prosecutor who wants the judge to remove himself from the Las Cruces case involving alleged corruption on the District Court.  I have always felt this case was a trumped up attack on democrats when the special prosecutor, Matt Chandler of Clovis, was chosen to run this investigation.  Daniels shredded Chandler in a one hundred page response to the recusal request and in fact turned the tables on the prosecutor by including testimony from one of his assistants that said politics was rampant in the investigation.  This could lead back to the Governor and her backers.  It makes one wonder if Chandler has spoken at any time with Jay McClesky, the governor's political operative, who seems to be running the state.

McClesky's right wing philosophy and influence is now seen in another attack on state employees.  The governor has stopped all flex time schedules for state employees.  Out of spite?  If I were the state labor union chiefs I would start visiting the governor's office en masse.  Maybe even McCleskey's office.  This would be an extension of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement.

A sign seen at one of the rallies said, "It is only class warfare when we fight back."

Actually, I wonder if the governor has any political common sense at all when she makes a unilateral move against her employees who have been asked to work more amidst cutbacks, taken furloughs, and continued to do their share during these hard times.  It is time to fight back.


Vicki said...

I think that so many working folks and poor in New Mexico are under such economic stress, they are vulnerable to these right wing attacks. The ABQ Journal in continuously spreading thipropaganda seems unabated by any push back. But I do note the paper is getting smaller and smaller and they are always advertising for new sales reps. The GOP just doesn't get it. Whe the middle class is squeezed, there's little cash from people to keep the broader economy going.

Donald F. Schiff said...

Thank you JUSTICE Daniels.