Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time is One Directional

One thing the Albuquerque Journal does that I enjoy is putting pictures of people who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in the paper.  Two pictures actually.  One of them on their wedding day and a current one.  You really get an idea of the inevitable progression of time from looking at those photos.  I have say that everyone still looks pretty good.  So here are our photos.

This first picture is Bobbi and me sitting in our first home in 1978.  I was 33 and she was 26.

This picture was taken in California wine country a couple of weeks ago.  I have now doubled my age to 66 and Bobbi is 59.  Sure, we have aged but we still have our health and marriage.  Although I am pretty sure I wont be doubling my age again.

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Anonymous said...

Instant stomach ache: the very thought of H.Wilson as UNM president. Please, anything but that...