Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fat People

I had to marvel at the coverage of the Amanda Knox story coming out of Italy.  It seems Justice has been served with her release after evidence that was used against her was proven to be tainted and worthless.  The case involved murder and sex.

I have been wondering if she would be walking into freedom if she had been an obese black or brown woman.  Undoubtedly she was very attractive and the press loved showing her beauty.  I ask this question because of the grief Governor Christie is taking on his girth and whether it would hurt his running for president.  Of course it will hurt him because in this country if you are fat then you are damaged goods. I will always bet on the tall slender candidate to win. Everytime.

During my political career I was always being counseled to lose weight.  I have been over weight since I was a kid.  My identical twin brother Tom never was.  He ate, played, and pretty much led an identical life to me, but I was always fat and he wasn't.  Just dumb luck I guess.  But I am the healthiest person I know.  I have only spent one day in the hospital when I had my tonsils out in the third grade.  So, I figure I am pretty fortunate.

I remember right after I was elected Mayor in Albuquerque that one city councillor, Alan Armijo, walked  up to me and said, "Hello Chubby."  I tried to get along with him after that.  I really did.  (I defeated a shorter person than me.)

I leave today for Philadelphia for a meeting of the Wyss Foundation Board.  Then a quick trip up to New York to meet up with Bobbi and see my son and his family.  Our new grandchild is just days away from walking and we hope to be there when he takes his first step.


Anonymous said...

Its brains that count Jim. Thanks for the post.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I thought you were looking rather fit in the recent Flagstaff hamburger picture. In fact, that's what reminded me you'd done nothing the entire summer but play golf.

Great picture though, you and the bro. Classic 1960 looks, two sensible boys. One might be a tad, oh, what's the word? I don't want to say rebellious, but with the baggy pants, the sleeves rolled up, the hair that is not what you'd call high but is beginning its liftoff.

Michael Bernstein said...

Jim, you might be interested to know that quite a bit of research now indicates that the exact makeup of our intestinal flora ecosystem has a large effect on the efficiency with which we absorb food.