Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Is it just me?  Or is media taking some kind of macabre interest in the festering body of Qaddafi?  On the way to the golf course this morning every newscast on every station was doing stories about how this character was finally buried.

Over the last three days we have been submerged in bloody pictures of his corpse.  Stories of his body being viewed by the Libyan public in a meat locker.  Speculation about why he wasn't under ground yet.  Have you ever noticed how the media, left and right, sometimes just get caught in these circular repetitions about things most readers don't even care about?  And then there was that whole thing about investigations into why he was murdered by his own people.  Of course if NATO (us really)  blew him to little teensy pieces with a drone, that would be okay.

Life is too short.

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