Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The Washington Post took on the Corporate Mascots who are insisting that if we just loosen regulations they can create jobs.  The American Petroleum Institute, paid liars for the Oil boys, are stating if we loosen drilling regulations that they will create one million jobs.  Other claims from other industries tout the same kind of drivel.  Of course the main ones who seem to run with this stuff are republican presidential candidates.

Like many people I have been watching the Wall Street protests growing.  Timing is everything and lies like this from the corporate oil guys just feeds the growth of the protest.  Just like the Bank of America debit card fee announced at a time when their customers are having such a tough time.  The problem with the protests so far is that they don't seem to know what their goal is.  So far it is just rage.  It was a long time coming.

It is hard to beat corporate lies.  The organizations that pump this stuff out are very good at what they do.  Until there is some sort of coherent push back by a professional group then these lies will continue to erode common sense.  It will have to be a political push back more than anything.  We have to turn their claims around and  use them against them in innovative ways.  And it has to be lead by someone other than an environmentalist or progressive group.  It  has to be done by(shudder), a Karl Rove type.  I am not suggesting that lies be used against lies.  We just need to fight back against these lies in a more effective manner.

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Abq Dude said...

I think the truth will prevail as long as it gets out there.The media has being doing better, especially CNN and MSNBC on the trends in the growing income gap between the wealthy and middle class.