Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Wake Up Call

Think of it.  More evidence of accelerated climate change, rising ocean levels and human induced weather as fossil fuels burn, burn, burn.  And the GOP in congress is on an all out attack on solar energy because of firms going under due to Chinese dumping of Photo Voltaic panels here. They call it proof of incompetence and a waste of money.  That is the oil and gas industry's mantra. It is all smoke and mirrors.  Don't these guys understand, and I am including the Obama administration, that they must act with urgency to speed the switch to renewables?  Or do they just want to see how close they can get to the tipping point for health of the planet.

I am off to Durango, Colorado for some golf and socializing for a couple of days.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I don't see it on my Google news page, but Democracy Now has been covering the link between the huge forest fires, the record high temperatures and climate change. In a July 3 story they said "More than 2,000 heat records have been broken in the past week."

There's a transcript of the show on that page.

I see a big billboard at the I-25/I-40 junction right now where someone is urging PNM to switch to all alternative energy. New Mexico could make a name for itself by being the first entirely alternative energy powered state. There's a lot of Republican voters who are concerned about this kind of thing. We get enough sunny says to make solar economically feasible.

If anyone is interested, there's a company in Albuquerque that does solar instillations that is owned by a Native guy and a Hispanic guy. I read a story about them awhile back but can't find it now but this is their web site.

There's also this on the White House web site

There's a lot about them on the internet. I'm sure there are other worthy local companies that do this too.

We need to take control of our own economy and this would help, instead of patronizing these corporations that have had a big part in hollowing out our economy by paying low wages and selling nothing but things made overseas in sweat shops, like Wal Mart, which then uses our money to work within our own political system, too, to make it even easier to drive down wages, and try to privatize everything including public schools.

Rodney said...

I hope you got to play Dalton Ranch.

Jim Baca said...

i did play Dalton Ranch. Incredible course.