Tuesday, July 03, 2012


It certainly is green back here in upstate New York.  They haven't had much rain here but it is still verdant.  Lots of wildlife too.  Justin and Karly's garden has been eaten by white tail deer jumping their back yard fence.  And wood chucks and gophers get in on the feast too.

I noticed the claws are out in the Albuquerque Journal this morning.  The Martinez administration is finger pointing at the Richardson administration for not having clawbacks in the incentive program they gave to Schott Solar which was done in by cheap and dumped solar panels from Asia.  And the Independent Source Pac took another good swipe and the Albuquerque Racino contract that was seemingly manipulated by the Governor's office and her political consultants.

On the clawbacks,  I was reminded that during my term as Mayor I put the first clawback provisions into a city industrial revenue bond issued for the Phillips semiconductor plant.  The business community went ape saying we would lose other companies that were looking at moving to the city.  A couple of years later Phillips shut down and the city got its money back.  Clawbacks should be a part of all incentive programs.

Today, our task is to assemble a little 'big wheel' tricycle for my grandson Simon.  They will be his first personal mode of transportation.  I wonder what he will be driving when he is sixty years old.  Hopefully, nothing powered by fossil fuels.

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