Monday, July 23, 2012


We had a wonderful dinner this weekend with some politically astute friends.  Some center.  Some left.  No rights.   And all of them were so down on the NRA that they threatened to withhold votes from any candidates who took money from them or their enablers.  Even real left wingers were saying they would not vote for Ben Ray Lujan and Martin Heinrich if they saw any evidence of NRA help. It means they won't vote for their opponents too, but a lost vote can never help.  I am not ready to go that far but I sent emails to these candidates saying they needed to reject NRA money and endorsements.  Of course they would suffer from doing so and endanger their candidacies. I know that because the assault gun/concealed weapon crowd is pretty effective.  Does one just take the moral high road and guarantee the republicans another right wing candidate victory?  Hard questions in modern America.

Here is a pretty good site to visit when you want to know anything about the Solar industry in this country.  There are a lot of good economic stats.  Maybe the Albuquerque Journal could visit it once in a while to get some idea of how important this industry can be in New Mexico.  Once again their editorial pages give way to a coal burning advocate who blames environmentalists for everything bad in the Four Corners region when it comes to cleanup requirements.  And this is a legislator who I somewhat respect sometimes.  Why can't people like Rep. Tom Taylor look into the future?

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