Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The scandal involving the political awarding of the lucrative Racino contract at the State Fair Grounds is being successfully turned into a debate about email accounts by the right wing.  I predicted this.  The Independent Source Pac, whom I respect and donate too, really brought it on themselves by christening it 'emailgate'.  I told them this would happen.  It is easy for the Albuquerque Journal to run with that and thereby influence the amateur journalists at our state's TV station's so called news operations.  Now all we hear about is who is using what email instead of the corrupt awarding of the contract after manipulations by republican party activists and the Governor's political advisers.  Shame on our so called journalists.

The CEO of one of our largest oil companies has now started saying that the severe climate problems we are having are nothing more than engineering problems.  Like how to jack up whole cities on the coast I guess so they won't be inundated.  This greedy bastard is trying to keep his windfall profits coming in while saying the climate is fine from fossil fuel burning as long as we spend public money on the engineering problems.  He causes the problem and we get to pay for it.

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