Monday, July 16, 2012


Sometimes I think the folks in the Agriculture business are oblivious to  double standards.  While most of the business is now owned by mega corporations, there are still enough smaller guys out their amongst the rancher/soybean crowd.  And now things are tough for them and they want government relief and help.  Mind you, they hate government and send their Congressmen and Senators to do everything they can to pursue a right wing agenda and eradication of safety nets for the poor.  But when it comes to keeping their subsidies and getting more aide in times of drought then they do a 180 degree turn and say it is the right thing to do.  It is just too much to take in.  And of course the media never seems to see this double standard.

And then there are the folks in Dona Ana County who love our government hating Governor Susanna Martinez.  It turns out that almost 30% of the folks from her home county work for either federal, state or local government.  Maybe someone in the democratic party should pay attention to that.

And then there is the democratic party which has sat by while the Governor and her right wing handlers have taken  away ballot options by doing away with the straight ticket.  This will cost the dems big time.  What can they be thinking about?

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Rodney said...

Man, ain't that the truth. I've seen it for years in eastern New Mexico and west Texas. Many of the "small" farmers are having a hard time these days due to drought, but that doesn't stop them from getting federal crop insurance, planting what they know will not grow then collecting the payments from the government. Then they turn around and gripe incessantly about the very people who they depend on for labor, them lazy Mexicans, getting welfare because there are no crops to harvest.