Thursday, July 19, 2012


Yup!  It happened.  Former Sheriff Darren White, part of the shadow government at the State Capitol, has now been named general manager at the Albuquerque Racino.  He is part of the GOP cabal that orchestrated via private emails the deal that won the Racino contract for the anointed ones.  He has zero experience in running a casino/horse racing operation.

Yup!  The Albuquerque Journal has opined that Attorney General Gary King remove himself from any investigation of the Governor's shadow government and the racino deal.  All because of his stupid and inelegant decision to announce he is running for Governor.  You can hardly blame the Journal.  They say the investigation is better left to others.  Like who?

Yup!  The bad news about a lack of oversight at the New Mexico Finance Authority just keeps oozing out.  The media has conveniently left out any mention of the Martinez administration.  Mark my words.  This one is really going to get big.


Anonymous said...

The NMFA has a long history of scandal and controversy stemming from the Richardson era; maybe it's time to do a complete redo and clean house of both staff and board members.

Michelle Meaders said...

Do you know who is on it? I looked on their website: Eleven of the 13 are appointed by the Gov! Four of them are her cabinet secretaries. The state Treasurer, who is elected separately, is apparently not on it, which surprised me. He's ex officio (because of his office) on many other boards.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Yes, but thank God the Game and Fish Department is being reorganized.

There was a big problem with game people being placed charge of fish, and fish people in charge of game.

This should create jobs though, if only in the private contract reorganizer sector.