Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This so called ghost town in southern New Mexico that was supposed to be constructed always sounded a little iffy to me, but if it was real then the reaction of the Governor's office to the project falling apart is really indicative of their malfeasance on economic development.  The Governor, and there is a lesson here for Albuquerque Mayor Berry, seems blasé about the plight of New Mexican's hunt for jobs.  She tries to kill the film industry.  She wants to dump the state supercomputer to the detriment of our Universities wanting it in place, and finally we now see that the all important Tres Amigas power interconnect project has an ominous delay because of funding problems that the state should be helping with on a big scale.  That interconnect will help fuel a renewable energy future for New Mexico because of its ability to send such power on to all of the nation's grids.  Is it possible the state is standing in the wings because this started under Governor Richardson?

These leaders need to be much more proactive.  I remember when, as Mayor, we started revitalization of downtown Albuquerque and then moved on to build a new Isotopes baseball stadium.  This was all done because citizens and government worked together.  Now it seems that not only does state government take a back seat, they don't want to even share it with anyone.  It is bizarre.

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Vicki said...

Incompetence. Her over-reliance on Texas gas and oil interests to help her make her business plan isn't enough to make our state develop jobs for the whole state. Her Economic Development director, Jon Barela's economic gravitas was badly tarnished with the Cerelink bankruptcy. So now where does Susana go? She's has no real plan nor vision to lead our state toward economic growth except get rid of environmental rules and sell off public lands to privaste interests.