Monday, July 02, 2012

We Go

Bobbi and I will meet up in Atlanta this morning and fly together to upstate New York to visit our son Justin, his wife Karly, and our grandchild Simon.  Bobbi has been at the Jazzercise convention with her sister at Disney World.

Simon is now about 19 months old and we are getting into a rhythm of going to see him every four months or so.  He is anxiously awaiting our arrival because we sent ahead a big box containing a Big Wheel tricycle.  Karly says he keeps pointing to the box wanting to open it, but we will have the honors of helping him with that.  It is brazen favor seeking on our own behalf.

I remember my grandfather Delfin always doling out quarters and fifty cent pieces when we were kids.  We have never forgotten that.  This is a picture of him with my brother and I at age three in front of the corral in Pena Blanca.  He was a great grandfather.

My well armed house sitter will be guarding the homestead and harvesting tomatoes while we are gone.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

There's those Baca eyes again.

Does that mean, oh no, that's not a golf hat, is it?