Friday, September 14, 2012

A Lesson

There is a lesson to be learned by the treatment that the President is getting from the fossil fuel industry. See today's New York Times.  All politicians should take notice, especially guys like Senator Tom Udall and Congressman Ben Ray Lujan.  That lesson is that no matter how accommodating you are to that industry they will screw you in the end.

The oil and coal boys are spending untold amounts of money on defeating Obama even after he tread so lightly on them over the last four years.  His instructions to the Interior department to make nice with these climate destroying industries is now biting him twice.  The renewable energy crowd is sitting out this election because the President betrayed them by 'disappearing' the climate change issue.

I have never understood most democrat elected officials who seem to follow the philosophy of 'help your  enemies and screw your friends.'  It is sickening.

Senator Tom Udall represents a state that has beautiful landscapes worth saving.  And yet his staff treats his biggest supporters in the conservation movement with great disrespect and apathy.  And Congressman Lujan plays footsie with the livestock industry in trying to weaken wilderness legislation. Don't these guys know they will suffer the double whammy that Obama is experiencing right now?  Would Obama be in some measurably better shape if he worked harder on environmental and public land issues in this election?  I think he would be.  Half a percent in some states might make all the difference in the world when it comes to those electoral votes.

So, everyone of our democratic officials should stop acting like mewling kittens around the fossil fuel guys.  They will never, ever, ever support their candidacies.

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