Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adrift in Journalism

Emails, texts, video cams, editorial bias.  All part of modern day journalism.  It requires little or no journalistic work.  It just copies the 'he said, she said' regurgitation of digital data.  It is heart breaking.  But then you have outlets like the Albuquerque Journal that plays sides so strongly on using this stuff that it equals the big lie.

The Journal has ignored the diatribe by the Governor's Chief of Staff.  It was an eyeopener in the last few days.  But zero coverage from the Journal and its partisan publisher and editor.  But the texts of city councillors trying to work out a non partisan deal on the Paseo bond issue is headline news.  Like something is wrong with the give and take of politics between two elected officials.  They were doing what we are all longing for.  Working together to find solutions to tough political questions.

How can we trust Journalists any longer?  We are witnessing a complete reversal in this country.  It used to be Journalists sought out the truth and we watched TV shows for entertainment.  Now we seem to get more truth seeking in TV shows than we get in TV and printed news reports.  Mondo Bizaaro!


Anonymous said...

The day has come that the true journalists are on Internet blogs, and the free papers like The Daily Alibi, Daily Lobo and the Santa Fe Reporter. The corporate interests behind the major newspapers are too great to attract or keep the real journalists who want to write the whole truth and nothing but the truth. On occasion, a good reporter will let a story slip threw the cracks and it gets published but those are few and far between. Too many holes in each story that is in the Journal for anyone to take it seriously. The FOG award to Jeff Proctor (who has done some decent work) was not deserved. That award should go to a real trailblazer not someone spoonfed by the Chief of police. Yes, the good old days are gone.

Anonymous said...

While the governor and Apd's chief gloat everything around them crumbles. Do they really think the public doesn't see this? NM stumbles along while all our bordering states grow and flourish. While the republicans try to rule, we're left wondering who can govern. This is a mess and is sickening.