Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The Journal's coverage of their own poll shows the power of their right wing editor.  They would have it appear that most New Mexicans are worse off in this economy than they were four years ago by they way they presented their graphics in todays paper.  In fact, their own story shows that two thirds of New Mexicans are better off or the same.  The editor thinks everyone is an idiot I guess and can't see through this.

They also have completely ignored the fact that government jobs in New Mexico have protected us from the higher unemployment rates that the rest of the country has experienced.  Our national labs and defense infrastructure have somewhat insulated us and yet the right wing editors would cut those jobs.  I am all for shifting defense dollars into infrastructure dollars to rebuild our nation and state, but cutting government jobs in an economy like this is self destructive.

The Journal poll really didn't have any surprises for me.  Martin Heinrich will be our new US Senator and Michelle Grisham Lujan will serve in Congress. These are two young politicos who seemingly came out of nowhere over the last few years to become successful.  That is the way it should be.  Neither of them came from big money or machine politics and I think that has really worked for them.  GOP Senate candidate Heather Wilson just could not shake the 'oh, her again' image and her party has abandoned her for greener pastures.

Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, who is a benefactor of old time politics through his dad, is still a breath of fresh air.  He will be around a long time.  Steve Pearce, the kooky right-winger in the southern district, will also be around on the strength of the oil and gas industry.

And then there is my old friend Senator Tom Udall who is almost totally invisible thanks to his particular style.    He is a decent guy and could use some new staff who might deal better with his constituents.

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Anonymous said...

I have to ask why any military groups are not endorsing Heather Wilson. Could it be because Gov. Martinez and Wilson's husband, Jay Hone (head of the GSD), have decided to appeal a landmark USERRA verdict from Gallup? So far, the state has paid the Hinkle firm in Santa Fe over $350K to defend the state against this absurdity and it has alienated many national military groups.