Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Bernalillo County issued a press release on their great and ongoing economic development effort.  They will no longer charge a $50 vendor registration fee for vendors in their boundaries.  Doesn't that give you a feeling that  maybe they have reached the end of the line?  And frankly, what is wrong with licensing vendors?  I would like to know there is some record of them in case they are selling tainted food or merchandise.

Down here in the close North Valley the big divisive issue is a planned round-about on a very busy intersection at Rio Grande and Candelaria.  City Councillor Debbie O'Malley, who I sent some money to for her County Commission race yesterday, said she supports it.  Big mistake.  That project will cause constant and daily traffic jams on Rio Grande.  Sometimes well meaning planners who come up with these things just don't seem to see reality.  It is a very dumb project.

The ever masterful Journal reporter John Fleck came up with a great column on a court case that is trying to decide what a beneficial use of water is under New Mexico water law.  It was a well written and informative piece and everyone should try and read it.

They should also read Richard Cohen's column today on how the republicans got where they are with Mitt Romney.  It is absolutely on target.  In fact, even as a staunch moderately left of center democrat, I would like to see the GOP mend itself in order to present candidates that are decent and moderate.  At least it would provide some choices.

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