Monday, September 24, 2012

He Isn't Listening

Mitt Romney said on 60 minutes last night that he prays to God every night.  Well, I would have to say the big guy in the clouds isn't listening given the mistakes Romney's campaign has made in the last couple of weeks.  I watched snippets of the interviews last night of Obama and Romney.  We and our guests were enjoying a pretty good chicken Marsala as the Q and A proceeded.  The lamest answer of the hour was Romney's saccharin response to the question of his big goal for the country as President.  He slathered out some totally inane statement on guaranteeing freedom in this nation.

Pablum.  B.S.  A punt.  And he delivered it all with no sparkle of intelligence in his eyes.  I have to say I have never seen this kind of deadpan zombie like rhetoric before.  I had thought he had more in that head than Karl Rove jingoism.

I am actually beginning to think he could bring down the entire GOP apparatus with his disjointed campaign.  Yes.  Even the House of Representatives' Tea Party types could suffer.

All of this could work in New Mexico's long term favor.  If the era of crazy GOP elected officials wanes over the next couple of cycles then our Senators and Congressmen will have accelerated clout in Washington.  And we need it.  Those federal jobs are the only thing that keep us above the water right now.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the 60 minutes interview. Unfortunately for me, I had headphones on which allowed me to hear the dripping sarcasm when he used the words "medicaid" "low income" and "poor". Really, the worst presidential candidate since John Kerry and it took the Democratic party several years to dig out of that mess.