Friday, September 07, 2012

Same Old

First off, credit where it is due, the Journal is doing a good job on issues positions of the candidates for Congress and Senate.  It is like the Journal of old.  The coverage seems fair and to the point.

But, it looks to me as if the GOP candidates are just like the little souvenirs we brought back from Russia for our grandson.  They are nestled dolls that are all alike.  Every time you open one of the dolls you hope the next one might be an individual.  But it just does not happen.  They are clones of the Rove kind.

In today's story on energy the GOP is still into the whole drill baby drill mantra.  It is disappointing and one can only wonder if the candidates are really that comfortable parroting this stuff for their oil and gas puppeteers.  One, it is the wrong course for America.  Secondly, it is old and stale.  Yesterdays jingoism.

And then the only retort is that Martin Heinrich drives a big diesel truck.  If you know Martin he is the avid outdoorsman and as his able press person says...."you cant put an elk in the back of a Prius."  His other car is a Prius.  

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