Thursday, September 06, 2012


The St. Petersburg Airport is like a level in hell.  I am not sure which.  We stood in line for three hours trying to get a boarding pass and got on the airplane two minutes before the door closed.  But we are home.  We flew one of those levitated skyscrapers, the Airbus 380, and for having to be jammed on there with 550 other folks it was surprisingly nice.  Good food and service by Lufthanza and the seats were okay.  It was weird but all six of us managed to land in rows with empty seats between us.  Very comfortable.  And I only gained one pound on the trip.  I would have thought that was impossible after pigging out in St. Petersburg.

It was so nice to fly into ABQ last night with the thunder storms here and there.  We immediately shriveled up a little from the dry air.  Our cats greeted us nicely upon arrival home.  Green chile was next.  And then we caught Clinton's speech for Obama.  He won it for him.

Reading the Journal this morning it is really funny to see what ink is spent on.  Emails and bad jokes. The media in Russia was on the big issues, including scathing editorials on Putin and the Russian Orthodox church for their collusion.

I will be making a movie of our trip over the next week or so.   6 minutes max.  I will post it when finished.


Ok, then said...

Big Bad Bill is surely one of the Obama campaign's greatest assets. That was Clinton at his finest.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor - I was impressed by your beautiful pictures of your trip to Russia. I was surprised that so much of St. Petersburg was unscathed by WWII. Or was it? Were some of the lovely public works of art and buildings reconstructed? Thanks.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Good timing! Lufthanza cabin crew staged a series of one day strikes over the past week or so. You musta snuck through between two or been right ahead of them.

This is what the media is telling people about the strike:

What it's really about is that Lufthanza is trying to get rid of the friendly flight attendants who made your long flight more bearable and safe. Either quit or accept 20-30 percent pay cuts and give up your benefits. Instead of jobs a parent can raise a family on accept jobs more like the ones held by the women who cleaned your motel rooms:

Neoliberalism under Angela Merkel. This is why Germany's economy has bloated at the expense of European countries in the South like Spain and Greece and why she thinks she has the power to dictate austerity to them.

Yes, it was a lot of fun hearing Bill Clinton give the Republicans the dressing down they so well deserve, but let us not forget that most of the jobs he and Barak Obama have created are more like hotel maid jobs than flight attendant jobs. Yes, I may vote for Obama myself but let us not forget that Clinton and the Labor Party's Tony Blair and German Social Democrat Gerhard Schroeder, and Obama, helped propel all of us down this road where corporate profits are through the roof while living standards for the rest of us are declining.

I finally heard Obama make one oblique reference to it in his speech. He made a reference to the next generation not having as good a life as this one, but he's been forced to this point only by the Occupy movement.

Vote for Democrats, but we need to be thinking about ways to get out of this downward spiral. Democrats don't even acknowledge we are in it.

And you can not shoot elk, if you want to.