Monday, September 24, 2012


No wonder Ajax the cat wants to hide out in the shopping bag.  I am betting Mayor Berry and all of the City Council would like to crawl in there with him.  Allergies or not.

The Journal Business Outlook story today on Albuquerque's economic report card was devastating for the local elected officials.  UNM's Lee Reynis, Director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research, said that the Duke City when compared with other municipalities is the 'laggard'.  She said the situation is 'shocking'.  Reynis is not one to use such words loosely.

One of the big reasons is the fall in government jobs which has been so important to this region.  Both federal and local jobs have been cut to the joy of the republicans.

So, will anyone notice when election time roles around next year?  Doubtful.  City Councillors who wish to be reelected will be.  They are largely invisible and nameless and will be elected by few voters.  Mayor Berry will have to endure some real slings and arrows but there are no strong candidates appearing to take him on.  Certainly, his economic development team needs some shaking up and the Albuquerque business community needs to step up and start helping with strong job recruitment.  So far everyone has not risen to the occasion.  And of course they can expect absolutely no help from the Governor who will only show up for a news conference.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Passing the higher minimum wage would be a good start in boosting the local economy.

There's data out there in a couple different places that shows that increasing the minimum wage actually helps the economy.

It's common sense. People have more money to spend. People spending money IS the economy.

Remember America's best days? Wages were their highest, relatively speaking (and taxes, too, there was a top rate of 91 percent, not what Mitt Romney is paying now. That forced businesses to reinvest.) But when wages were high, when unions represented one in three workers, it helped everyone.

Even businesses, although they are too stupid and selfish to admit it having been fed right wing republican trickle down propaganda for 35 years.

I don't suppose there's been anything in the Journal on the minimum wage except the usual Chamber of Commerce pablum, the same tired crap they roll out every time anyone wants to do something to benefit the working people. They are automatically knee jerk agin' it.

You'll hear people whine that it will make them go out of business. It won't, and the ones who whine the loudest are people who should be out of business anyway. Let the market decide, instead of us propping them up all the time with subsidies in the form of low wages and low taxes.