Thursday, September 13, 2012


Following up on yesterday's post about the off the grid discussions by city councillors Debbie O'Malley and Dan Lewis I have to say that I was glad they were having some discussions.  Many folks in the media naively think that there is something wrong with two elected officials talking to each other on an issue when they are not being televised or recorded.  Well, I hate to let those half ass journalists know that this is how compromise and progress is made.  It is something that used to occur regularly that would grease the skids of bipartisan cooperation.  Of course that all ended with the hate inspired politics of Newt Gingrich and his GOP freshman class of congressional idiots in 1994.  So, a tip of my hat to O'Malley and Lewis for being civil enough towards each other to have a chat.

I think we can all see what an empty vessel Mitt Romney is by his knee jerk reaction to the violence in Libya.  It shows  us the kind of President he would be.  Very frightening.

And, here is a fascinating look at campaign spending in this election.  Can it be true that more money is being spent on TV ads in New Mexico than is being spent in California?  Some of those TV station owners are wishing their vessels were full of money.

And finally, one shouldn't be to surprised at Governor Martinez's popularity in the state.  When an elected official does nothing and has no legislative plan then she doesn't upset anyone.  She just runs around being visible and shrugging her shoulders saying everything is the fault of democratic legislators.  Meanwhile the people she surrounded her self with, like Pat Rodgers and her Chief of Staff, take the heat off her by being sophomoric.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

I believe people are more comfortable with a governor who weighs as much as they do.

I don't mean that to sound disrespectful. Au contraire. The governor is very attractive. I just think there's something to it. It's been shown that people make decisions about politics based on emotions. Red button issues. They go ahead and rationalize things, consciously, but their unconscious has already decided.

We're a heavier people than we used to be. Look at how well received the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, was at the Republican convention and he often gets mistaken for New Jersey. Karl Rove is all over the TV and he looks kind of like a railroad car-sized blob of Jello. The two most popular radio hosts, Left and Right, are Ed Schultz and Rush Limbaugh, neither of whom would fit in a standard size swimming pool (if God forbid they tried.) Why do you think they keep making bigger and bigger jet airliners?

Kim Kardashian. Need I say more? I believe that in their unconscious mind, people feel safe with a Governor Martinez. If a big mile wide gush of water came down the Rio Grande (no doubt many besides myself have this nightmare once or twice a night) or if we were attacked by Arizona or Texas, deep in peoples' unconscious, they know it would take longer for anything like that to go around our governor.