Friday, February 01, 2013


C'mon Albuquerque!  We can do it.  Let's show our kids we really do believe in democracy and endeavor to beat the 3% turnout for the last School Board and Bond election.  That will take place on Tuesday and there is early voting available.  I will vote today since I will be off to Amado, Arizona for a few days of golf on Monday.

I got an email from a democratic precinct chair warning me that the Tea party is trying to take over the school board.  Sure enough the Journal endorsed one of them this morning.  I for one do not want any of those folks in charge of curriculums for the school districts kids.  Creationism, gun mania, and right wing lunacy should not be pounded into our kids.  Although it would be hard to imagine most of the teachers allowing that to happen.


David Murphy said...

Regarding your comment on "creationism"; do you think the idea that God created the universe should be totally excluded from the free-thinking of children altogether in public school? Which is to say, is it really "educating" kids to deny the reality that most of humanity for all of its history has believed in a Creator? Isn't it worth at least SOME acknowledgment in schools?

Jim Baca said...

I do not believe it should be taught in public schools. That is the job of the church, sects and others.

David Murphy said...

What I'm trying to get at, is what is the harm in Creationism being presented as, at most, a possibility for explaining the Universe? Even if just a few days during the school year were devoted to it within the curriculum. Wouldn't that "educate" children? I'm not suggesting it even has to be from a Christian perspective; rather just a generic acknowledgment along the lines of, "students - much of the world's population has believed, and still believes, in a powerful Creator that made all things". To exclude the idea altogether is counterintuitive to "education", is it not?