Monday, February 25, 2013

Where are the Candidates?

As I watch the chaos caused by the Supreme Court's decisions on Citizens United where corporations mysteriously were construed to be human, I really shouldn't ask this question.  But where are the candidates for Mayor of Albuquerque?  Could it be that all the smart and talented people that should be running have figured out it would be no fun to run against SuperPacs funded by corporate America's deep and endless pockets?

I think so.  There are some decent people running who seem surprisingly naive in thinking that public funding will get them anywhere close where they need to be.  I suppose that some candidate could eke out a slim victory, but I think it is unlikely.  So, where does this leave us?  Other than a rich person with ethics running.

We are screwed.  I just don't know what else to say.  Mayor Berry might or might not be a recipient of some of this money.  He is the most likely at this point.  But it is not guaranteed.  Some really connected person could come out of no where and become blessed by the likes of the Koch brothers and take away the office.  Who knows?

The real danger here is not voter apathy and poor turnouts.  It is the lack of smart people who could do government some good by running for offices which now seem unattainable.  They are evaporating away from the public service careers that used to be respected and who can blame them.

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Anonymous said... Michael Cadigan. I wish he would re-emerge as a candidate for mayor. I voted for him last time he ran for mayor, though I had to write him in, as he had dropped out by the time it was election day...
I'm afraid he has dropped out of the fray of pursuing public office, like many great previous office-seekers---Gene Gallegos and Paul Bardacke come to mind---and is content to work in the private sector, make plenty of $$$ and have time for a rich and fulfilling family life.