Sunday, February 17, 2013

All Manner of Crazy

The Albuquerque Journal today editorialized against Mayoral runoff elections saying they cost to much.  Why don't they just say the don't want it because their editor knows they only way to elect right wing crazy nut jobs is to not have run off elections.  This newspaper editorial page is turning into a really bizarre opinion purveyor.

Now, I will certainly upset my left of center friends, but if the legislature passes a constitutional amendment to take more money out of the permanent fund for education, then what it is really doing is foisting a giant tax cut for the rich.  Because, if the public voted for the amendment then the conservatives in the legislature will just lower taxes by the same amount of new money provided by the permanent fund raid.  Certainly, I think this funding for education would be good.  But this is one of the biggest bait and switch cons ever.

Has Ray Powell, our mostly invisible but decent Land Commissioner, succumbed to the idea that stealing federal public lands is a good idea?  He seems to think the Feds should turn over 1,000,000 acres of land to the land office.  The land office is a great department that does little in the way of land management.  It currently has no more that 15 or so land managers out on the ground to watch over 8 million acres of surface land and 13 million acres of mineral rights.  How could they manage more when they don't have the resources to manage what they already have?  Of course the oil and gas industry would love to see more land less protected.

And finally, maybe the Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney should look into the dealings between the state and Yates Petroleum.  Is there undue influence being exerted on the Martinez Administration's Energy department to illegally lessen oversight on drilling?  I have to say it looks that way after reading a surprisingly good story on this issue in the Journal this morning.  Sometimes, I think that the newspaper is schizophrenic.  Kind of like the Wall Street Journal where there is all manner of craziness on their editorial page, but the news side is okay.

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