Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The signs are all there.  And anyone who plans on running for Mayor or City Council should beware of their upcoming ordeal.  The next Albuquerque Mayor's race will not be funded legally by public financing or candidate fund raising within legal limits as envisioned by the city charter.  No, it will be overwhelmed by right wing political committees spawned by corporate America and right wing nut cases.  Among them will be Governor Martinez's rabid political advisors.  All of this enabled by the US Supreme Court's decision to let corporations be recognized as persons.

These are the same folks who flexed their muscles in the recent Albuquerque School Board race.  They were not that effective, but they showed a real affinity for not obeying election laws and just practicing a blitzkrieg of political corruption.

I don't know if Mayor Berry will let his City Attorney turn a blind eye towards this practice as we approach election day, but if he doesn't take a proactive stance against this kind of democracy killing campaign he will be a disappointment.  But then, I think he will most likely be the benefactor of such practices.

It is interesting right now to see that Karl Rove has his hands full with the Tea Party.  They aren't playing ball with him.  Even though his tactics, and those of Fox News, has created this modern day schizophrenic and psychopathic political organization.  They even have an army.  The NRA.


Anonymous said...

I like this formula: the more Mccclesky and company attack Paul Heh, the more Heh empties Berry's closet. If Mcclesky keeps it classy, Berry will just have to deal with the issues. If Mcclesky turns it up, then Berry will have to deal with some very ugly things...l.

Donald F. Schiff said...

Who the Heh is Paul Heh?