Monday, February 11, 2013


It is official.  The Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce is in league with the extreme right wing apparatus of the Republican party, the Rio Grande Foundation.  Today they took out a full page ad saying that the new minimum wage will ruin us all.  Maybe, if the Chamber started to work a little on job creation and recruitment of new business then they would not have time for this nonsense.  And of course the Albuquerque Journal chose to do a story on how much the minimum wage would cost UNM's student job program.  Gee, maybe the could follow it up with a story on how it might help our working students to stay in school.

The Pope is resigning.  Let's all hope we get a new leader of the church that lives wholly in modern times.  I had to chuckle watching Downton Abbey last night because the servant class and its leadership showed more compassion for a gay guy than the catholic church does today.  Of course one is just a TV show and the other is based on faith that illiterate fisherman had figured out the secrets of the universe some 2000 years ago.  But seriously, this is an opportunity for the church to start reinventing itself.

Our first interesting and well written political story has been posted on  Please make your contribution to it soon.

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troutbirder said...

I enjoyed reading your posts. I think the people of state are much closer to your view on the environment and other things as well. Let hope the The Land of Enchantment can hold on to it enchantment in spite of the monied extractors and greedy profiteers...