Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Well, the Chamber of Commerce, the Republican Party, and the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board think that having City run off elections costs to much.  So screw Democracy.  Especially when a Democrat might win.  So, the Mayor's race election might cost an additional 500k with a runoff.  Why would this bother the funders of Super Pacs who routinely spend millions of dollars to defeat anyone who is center or left of center in politics?  Because it would be easier to get one of their nutcase wackos elected whose only vision is to not tax the rich.

All of a sudden the Governor and Mayor are showing concern for the sequester issue and they are trying to look reasonable on getting a solution.  Have they finally figured out that the sequester will further devastate our state's and city's economy?  Yeah, maybe.  After all this time.  But, do not kid yourself, they are doing this for solely political reasons because they want their party to look like the reasonable ones.  Just a few months ago all they could talk about was tax reduction.  It turns out the voters have figured that one out, so on to something else that will help them stay in office.

The cattle industry is on the skids in New Mexico.  There has been a 14% reduction in their herds due to the prolonged drought.  And yet their political arm in the GOP continues to deny that climate change is real.  They will figure it out when they no longer can sustain their operations at all.  That won't be long I think.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

I can't name another place in the world that doesn't have runoffs. Only in New Mexico. That's of equal magnitude, to me, to there not being ice cream, or Bette Midler, or one of the oceans.

Re the cow industry going under. One good horse meat scare might do it.