Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mail In Ballot

I can say that the current mail in ballot election of the city of Albuquerque is poorly executed.  Thousands of people are not signing the ballots and that is because the instructions and ballot are so poorly done.  I had to look hard for the signature line before I sent in my vote.  I voted for run off elections in city government.

Now, someone will undoubtedly file a law suit on this ballot process.  Mayor Berry and his folks should have done this right.  We did a mail in ballot back when I was Mayor and it went smoothly.  I don't recall a problem with signatures on that one.

Could it be that mail in balloting bothers the Republican Party?  I think maybe it does.  More people might vote.

I am up in Denver for a meeting of the Governing Council of the Wilderness Society.  The drive up yesterday was pretty.  However, the snow on the ground was surely more pronounced in Colorado than New Mexico.  Everything just north of the state's border just looks less pounded down by the drought.

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