Wednesday, February 20, 2013


One of my alert readers caught a large error on my part where I mixed up two incidents that APD officers were involved in.  The officer who hit the car killing a young woman after allegedly running a red light had not been drinking at a bar with other cops prior to the accident.  It was another officer in a separate incident who went home and beat his wife that was drinking.  My mistake.  Sincere apologies.  But it does point out there are sure a lot of incidents at APD that all sort of blur into one thing.  And it isn't good.

And now a District Judge has ruled that the shooting of a man at a convenience store was not justified and violated the constitution.  That will cost us dearly.  

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Anonymous said...

Not just any ruling, but the judge ruled on a motion of summary judgment. That means there were no significant issues concerning the facts and a jury was not needed to determine the fact. For a judge rule this way shows HOW BAD THE SHOOTING WAS. I think there has only been one other summary judgment in a police shooting nationwide.

Yes, we will pay dearly. APD should've owned this and made it right. But of course, as that idiot Schultz would have us believe....all is fine.