Friday, February 22, 2013

America Once Led

We are being left in the dustbin of history as a world power and leader by a pragmatic China.   It will remain so until we rid ourselves of the influence on political races by the fossil fuel industry.  You must read this.

As someone who I know says,  "The Chinese have a plan and they can implement it.  The U.S. has no plan and couldn't implement it if we did."

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Very interesting piece. Who'd have thunk it, Communists beating Capitalists. Next thing you know people will be saying their economy will overtake ours soon.

One thing that seems to have gone somewhat under the radar is the Obama Administration's imposing of stiff tariffs on Chinese solar panels. The Administration accused them of dumping them on the US market and subsidizing them.

I read someone who is in the business of installing solar panels saying that the tariffs will pretty much put an end to that business and to what had been a rapid expansion of solar energy in the US.

There was a time, under Democratic President Jimmy Carter, when the US subsidized solar, and wind and so forth. Ronald Reagan put a halt to that and had the solar panels Carter had installed on the White House ripped off.

Which is worse? Reagan's ideologically driven favoritism for oil companies, or Obama's protectionism for a US Capitalism that because it insists government remain broke and busted can't put out cheap solar panels the way China is doing, doing things the way we used to do them?