Thursday, February 21, 2013


The Liquor Industry and their lobbyists are having a great time in Santa Fe killing a tax that would help with alcoholism problems.  I am not going to debate if the tax would do any good.  I don't think it will, but it might be worth a try.  Just put a sunset on it.  But what is amusing is that the lobbyists have convinced some legislators that each county having the authority to levy such a tax would cause much confusion for the industry.  They say having to keep track of which counties are opting for the tax would not be possible.  What crap!  They seem to have no trouble in tracking the thousands of products, inventory and deliveries they are responsible for.  They have computers that do well in that task.  Oh, but it just wouldn't work to track 33 counties in New Mexico.  Any legislator who buys into this argument is suspect.

Speaking of legislators, the story on Domenici having a son out of wedlock is getting legs nationally.  Well, just for a day or two.  The story being spun now is that Domenici followed the wishes of the mother in keeping this a secret all these years.  He said he honored that.  Good story, but when agreeing to that do you think they might have been thinking about his political career?  Just a little?  Back in the 80's this revelation would be a show stopper for sure.  Did he do an honorable thing?  Well he even kept it a secret from his wife and eight other kids.

The Albuquerque Journal continues its kid glove treatment of Domenici.  They have a gaggle of folks saying he is a great guy in the paper today.  But really, he fathered a child who never had a dad around to guide him along the way.  Not exactly part of the Character Counts program that Pete promoted in the schools.


Bubba Muntzer said...

"Do not underestimate, my friends, the corrupting and cynical signal we will send if we fail to enforce the highest standards of conduct on the most powerful man in the nation."

That was Slick Pete Domenici, whose confession against his will is sending the same signal now, back when he was voting to impeach Bill Clinton for doing the same thing he did.

Domenici's entire statement is reproduced today by the El Paso Times.

It shows this lying thug to be the ultimate hypocrite, and it puts a well deserved coda on the life and career of a lying snake oil salesman who did as much as any other Republican to sell the lies Neoliberalism is based on, and that have brought us to the point where Americans no longer have enough money in their pockets to get the country out of a six year long recession, where wealth and income disparities are back at 1920s Gilded Age levels and wages and living standards are declining and where young people coming out of college deep in debt with no jobs to even apply for look ahead at a long, bleak future.

The Journal has people telling how upstanding he is? By how he sold America and its future out to his Capitalist overlords, or by the way he betrayed his wife? By lying to her to cover his actions at the time?

When his wife heard about it, how upstanding did her husband seem? Is she wondering today how many times it happened that he hasn't been forced into being honest about? Or does she already know, and because she's the upstanding one, is keeping her mouth shut.

This lying rat's ass starts off his statement excusing his vote for impeachment by claiming that the impeachment wasn't about having sex out of wedlock. They all said that at the time, but that's all it was about. They played it exactly that way, every step of the way.

Because they couldn't say what it was really about, which was the humiliation they felt after Clinton beat the pants off them at every turn. It was about the Gingrinch revolution, the landslide and the House going Republican for the first time in 40 years. It was about the Republicans controlling both houses but having Clinton block their vaunted "Contract With America" at every turn. The impeachment was bitter, childish retribution, but they used sex to try to sell it to America.

I remember the testimony, the questions their hired gun Kenneth Starr, who was chosen, if you recall, by a few powerful Republicans in the Senate, people like Domenici, asked Monica Lewinsky. "Did you perform oral sex on Mr Clinton on such and such a day" "Did Mr Clinton ejaculate in your mouth on that day"? "Did you perform oral sex on Mr Clinton on such and such a day" "Did he ejaculate in your mouth on that day?"

You made it about sex, about Bill Clinton betraying his wife, didn't you, St Pete? You paraded everything in front of America and in front of the president's wife and young daughter, because Bill Clinton had made you feel small.

You made it about sex, St Pete, oh vaunted and upstanding hypocrite and liar, but you said it wasn't about nailing some pretty young thing. You had to, because in the back of your guilt ridden little mind you knew this day would come.

Anonymous said...

Comrades, clinton was being impeached for perjury. I don't recall Domenici ever being involved in a legal proceeding about this. In fact, you libs were defending clinton on the basis of this being a private affair. Talk about hypocrisy. You guys take the cake!

Bubba Muntzer said...

Of course you can't recall what you never knew.

Nice try at being slick though. I never said St Pete was involved in a "legal proceeding" and you phrase it that way to insinuate that I did say that.

Starr, try to remember, entered when Clinton agreed to a special prosecutor. His role was to conduct the witch hunt, and he was kept on to perform the show trial in the Senate. See if you can remember the ringleader of the little gang of constitution defenders who chose Starr, Mr sputtering indignation himself, Jesse Helms, who, it is my eternal pleasure to point out at every opportunity, once said he didn't care whether Fidel Castro left Cuba in a vertical or horizontal position and who has been horizontal for enough years now that no one remembers who he was, while Fidel motors on.

There's no hypocrisy in defending Clinton against the Republicans' public masturbatory flogging and pointing out that one of the masturbatory floggers was St Pete, who, we now realize, just in time to spoil his chances of being named the next pope, was flogging with one hand and pulling up his zipper with the other, comrade.