Saturday, February 16, 2013


The NM oil and gas industry is actually encouraging the Martinez administration to deny state capital improvement funds for any county that wants to protect themselves from unsafe drilling practices.  Thirty oil and gas mascot legislators have penned a letter to the Governor, who in a rare exhibition of governance, had her spokesman say it probably wasn't a good idea.  But just the fact that fully 25% of state legislators could even suggest this is an indication of the true wickedness and control the oil boys have in this Land of Enchantment.  To them it is a Land of Profit at any cost.

One can only wonder if the Tea Party minions see the meteor over Russia as a giant scientific hoax.  If  you follow their climate change denial then this would fit right in with their paranoia.  Could they think this was a planned event to get more funding for NASA to practice Science?  Ha Ha!  I think.

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