Tuesday, October 16, 2007


A barrel of oil has been selling for $86 the last few days. At the same time we have a lot of whiners wanting to 'deep 6' the Rail Runner. This is one of those things that defies logic. The Rail Runner is a longterm investment in the transportation infrastructure for the economic engine of the state. That is the corridor from Belen to Santa Fe. And yet, people are complaining that it will cost too much. Wait and see how much it costs in 20 years if we don't do it now.

I hope the politicians who are slamming this program will start thinking about the over all good of this project instead of how they will fund speed bumps or unnecessary pork projects in their district.

All of this reminds me of the fight over the Isotopes Stadium being built when I was Mayor. We outlasted the negative attacks of right wing city councilors who thought it was a waste of money. The stadium is now turning a healthy operational profit for the city as well as bringing in people from all over the state to stay in our hotels and eat at our restaurants.

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