Thursday, October 11, 2007

Define Victory

The sheriff wants to be a congressman. Darren White, the campaign chair for bush and cheney in the last election says he is independent. He also says he is for pulling out of Iraq but not until victory against the terrorists there is achieved. He didn't define victory. I think he meant his independence is nothing more than appealing to the far right wing for support and money. You know, the guys who are making money on the war. Lots of profits could be lost.

White has done an acceptable job as sheriff in Bernalillo County. I won't argue that. I had always thought he was an decent guy until he got onto the bush bandwagon for war which has killed almost 4,000 American kids and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Now, he says he wants victory in a war that is not winnable nor justifiable. So, he is not independent and he is not the kind of person we want replacing Heather Wilson who is also a war monger.

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