Monday, October 08, 2007

New Daughter and Lots of Messages

So, here is a good photo of our new family member, Karly, along with the rest of us. As I said before Noelle was Justin's best man. We really had a great time.

The bride's maids were all really close friends of Karly's. They all are highly educated and out in the world working for good progressive causes.

This picture is with our new in-laws, Rick and Debbie Moore of Olean, New York. It is a really nice small town in western New York. Rick is a fireman/EMT and Debbie is a Nurse. They are super nice folks. They have never been west and we want to get them out here asap.

I got home to numerous messages from prospective Senate candidates. Marty Chavez's campaign manager called me and asked for my support. Sorry, not in this lifetime. At least not in the primary. I think our biggest task is to elect a left of center Senator to try and balance out what bush has wrought on us for the last seven years. I wish I were ten years younger.


Rodney said...

I see that the Lt.Gov. is considering the race. Care to comment?

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