Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Old Pics

I rummaged through our albums and came up with this old picture to take to Justin and Karly's Wedding. I think it must have been shot in about 1955. The people here are my Grandfather Delfin Baca, Grandmother Lenore Armijo Baca, my dad Fermin, my Grandfather Russell Sapp, a great aunt Maime, my mother Dixie and my Grandmother Tom Sapp.(Yes she was named Tom) That is my twin brother Tom and me along with my sister Carlota on the bottom row. Time marches on and sometimes you wonder what you were thinking about during those days.

I will try and post photos from the road over the next few days.

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Imisseditnews said...

Mayor Baca,

If you have time on Sunday, I cannot recommend Dinosaur Barbecue on South Salina Street enough.

Enjoy the fall colors!