Sunday, October 14, 2007

Double Talk

Here is what Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White said when he announced he was running for Congress last week.

“Unfortunately, mistakes have been made by those in Washington, and the Iraqi government has not stepped up,” he said. “We all want to bring the troops home, and I will do just that, but our troops must return in victory because al Qaida must be denied a safe haven in Iraq.”

I have been thinking a lot about this statement and have come to the conclusion it makes absolutely no sense. It convinces me that White is not independent. He prides himself on saying he is independent because he quit his job with Governor Johnson who wanted to legalize drugs because the 'war on drugs' was an utter disaster and failure.

Now, after reading White's statement he obviously feels that the war in Iraq can end in victory, just like the war on drugs. Oh, wait, that hasn't been won yet either. It has been going on for decades. Is White saying decades is okay for the Iraq war? Does anyone see the irony here? Does that statement seem like it was written to make him seem tough on al Qaida in Iraq as a reason for staying in this almost five year long war. Lets keep track of how much money White raises from the defense industry and the oil and gas industry. Uh, just one more thing too, why the hell didn't anyone in the news media try to ask him what this statement meant. That would have been helpful. Since the TV stations wont do it, especially if there is a sexual predator story followup, then maybe someone from the Journal, New Mexican or Associated Press could do it.

We all know that Heather Wilson has blood on her hands for being a bush administration stalwart on waging brutal torture, war and rendition. Now it appears that Sheriff Darren White is signing up to play the same role. Disgusting.

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Anonymous said...

The phrase "mistakes were made" has been used by used by Bush administration officials as well. Someone dubbed this "passive exoneration." By leaving out the sentence subject, the speaker appears humble, without having to assign blame.

It would be much more difficult-- yet more honest-- to say, "my party made mistakes" or "my president made mistakes."