Friday, October 26, 2007

Traffic Jam

This sculpture is symbolic of New Mexico's political landscape right now. What is a politician to do? I have personally heard that more office holders might be getting into the Senate Race. Marty Chavez won't end up the only player for sure.. Tom Udall's name cropped up today. Steve Pearce will announce down in Hobbs where he will amass donations from the oil and gas industry. (The last thing we need in the Senate is another oil and gas lackey, don't you think?) I hear even Attorney General Gary King is 'keeping his powder dry.' Diane Denish is still possible too. Then, there is always Governor Richardson's possible entry into the race. I am not sure that is likely, but I could be wrong.

Can you imagine what would happen if Udall did get in the race? People would be stumbling over each other to try and win his seat. Legislators, state office holders, green candidates and more oil and gas candidates from San Juan County.

I am beginning to think the only sure thing in the Democratic Primary is that Martin Heinrich will walk away with the nomination for Wilson's house seat. Patsy Madrid let it be known to Martin and others that she will sit this one out. That pretty much opens the door for Heinrich who will most likely face bush supporter Darren White in the general election. My money is with Martin and I hope you will send some for his campaign as soon as possible.

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