Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Udall and UNM Regent's and Mayor's Tunnel Vision

I have actually decided that Tom Udall would make a great U.S. Senator. Even though he and his staff didn't have the courtesy to give me an answer on a direct request for assistance on an environmental matter a couple of weeks ago. Tom did give me a call about the matter but never followed up with an answer. I called his staff three times and even visited his office in Washington.

I know Udall feels comfortable with the Seniority he has built up in the Congress, but his unswerving left of center credentials are what the Senate desperately needs right now. How is this idea, Udall runs for the Senate and Santa Fe newcomer Don Wiviott runs for Udall's seat? Oh well, just musing and I would appreciate an answer from Udall's staff.

On another matter, UNM Regents are getting ready to drop $60 million on rebuilding the famous UNM Pit. Does anyone think that maybe they and Mayor Chavez should get together and jointly build a state of the art all purpose arena for Albuquerque? Or will the Mayor and Regents stay hiding in their own little spheres pretending that cooperation really isn't important. It is astounding that this is progressing with them not talking about it. This is tunnel vision for sure.

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Michelle Meaders said...

According to the article on the front page of yesterday's Albuquerque Tribune, the money for the Pit was "only" up to $25 million of the $60 million Institutional Bond Package. "The Pit generated about $3 million in ticket sales for men's basketball and $800,000 for women's basketball last year,... Built in 1966 for a little more than $1 million,..."