Friday, May 09, 2008

11 Dimensions

Sometimes I feel so stupid. I read about this 30 year old Physicist who may set the world on its head and I wonder why people like me came out on the short end of acquiring any math genes. Or any genes that make you less dumb as some of my friends would say.

After reading this article ask your self if the reason Hillary is staying in the race has something to do with vibrating in 11 dimensions. I think something like that must be going on.

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Anonymous said...

This will sound silly, but all my life Ive had my 3rd eye wide. In myth Joseph Campbell, I have belived the bible was wrong about Jude. I believed Hawkins wrong about nothing can escape a black hole(now gamma radiation) and 1 other thing I won't get into. I believe e=mc2 wrong e=mc2+1 in quantum. I belived dark matter, energy was most of the universe. I belive the laws of physics do not applay and are a mill stone around scientist and then their egos! I have believed alot just gut instinks but alot has come to pass and became true. IQ I was told as child I was retarted when they had me do a test, with stood teaseing and such, then couple years later same test I was told genius, I lert to take things slow as I'm already 50 years ahead, thats why I'm voteing for Obama, I took all my anti Hillary blogs down yesterday, as the 12 dimension requiers. Cheers hope you and yours have all lifes karmas!