Saturday, May 24, 2008

Crimes Against Humanity

It was bad enough that bush and his crowd started an unnecessary war that has caused countless deaths. It was bad enough that they eroded our civil liberties. It was bad enough our national policy now includes torture. It was bad enough they ignored the imminent energy crisis and climate change. But now these incompetent and criminal leaders are imprisoning desperate people for merely trying to work to provide for their families. The 270 illegal immigrants who were found working in a meatpacking plant in Iowa will now be carted off to five months hard time in federal prison, all because they wanted to send money home to feed their families. (How much has been spent by the prosecutors and then the prison system to pay for this? $100K each?)

Has this country and its Justice system lost all sense of right and wrong? Yes, I think it has. War profiteers run free. War criminals are immune. Poor working people are imprisoned. If we are going to send a message, lets start with the people at the beginning of this list. We have little time to rebound from eight years of chaos under the republicans and complacent democrats who have allowed this to happen.

I feel ashamed for my country right now. I used to be a proud American but things have gotten so out of balance that I think our country is on the path of certain ruin as a renegade state. The only solution is to vote entirely for liberal to moderate candidates in November. No bush supporters or campaign operatives should be given any chance what so ever of attaining office. No republican or democrat who voted for the war should be allowed to stay in office without some scrutiny. Period.

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Dr. Know said...

I'm still waiting for the owner and mangers of this "Kosher" packing plant to face stiff fines and prison time. You know as well as I that they were all complicit in these worker's presence at the plant, and probably arranged the "fake paperwork" as well.
Accountability has long been lacking in not only our government, but in corporate environs - and it is long past time to slap these crooks back into line.