Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No Pictures of bush and White

Just as I thought. No one has been able to come up with a picture of george bush and Darren White standing together at a fund raiser yesterday. It is actually phenomenal that the President of the United States is so disliked that the people he supports want no evidence of it. Darren White can not run away from the fact that he was bush's campaign chairman here in Bernalillo County. It makes no difference that White now tries to mildly criticize the President when just a couple of years ago he felt bush walked on water.

We went to a really nice fund raiser for Martin Heinrich last night. The interesting thing was that many of the folks there were not the party regulars or political junkies, (like me) who usually turn up at these events. There were many new faces that indicate new involvement in our party. That is a good thing.

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lost in the triangle said...

i think the larger victory may be that no one died unnecessarily for bush's field trip to visit the faithful. i hadn't thought about the no-pictures-together thing--it kinda makes it seem like an illicit tryst that you don't want your friends to know about.