Friday, May 16, 2008

Wilderness Society

This first picture denotes why we in the Wilderness Society enjoy our work. This is a picture from our host's home near Snowmass, Colorado. A picture is worth a thousand words.
We had a great reception and dinner at our host's elegant house. Eighty folks showed up including Congressional candidates, grass roots organizers as well as the Council of the Wilderness Society.

This last photo is taken near Alamosa, Colorado. Rodger Beimer insisted I take this picture on the way back today in honor of New Mexico Political Blogger Joe Monahan. Apparently, there are alligator farms all over the Alamosa area due to the abundance of hot springs which they supposedly thrive in. Rodger has visited them. I don't know why but the next time you see him ask! I want nothing to do with them ever since I was chased by one at a Texas Wildlife Refuge. It was 11 feet long. I really thought I was a goner and then found myself on the other side of a six foot fence. I never remembered having jumped it.

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