Friday, May 16, 2008

Marty Chavez and Marc Schiff

This is the story I had hoped the Journal would do. Instead Pulitzer Prize Winner Eileen Welsome did it on the Clearly New Mexico Website. It is a must read.


LP said...

Also, Barbara Armijo did a follow-up at the New Mexico Independent and found some more questionable goings-on.

Chavez won't "respond to blog posts" apparently. Except for, of course, when he does.

Unknown said...

TALK ABOUT AMAZING - did you know that the property owners along Washington St NE, who have had legal driveway access onto what was a dirt road, and now Balloon Fiesta Parkway (otherwise known as the money dump) -

are being informed that their driveways will be SHUT DOWN.

These driveways have been there since way before there was a road there, and some of these businesses cannot operate without the driveways that will now be taken away from them without any due process.

Any debacle.