Friday, May 02, 2008


Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

You couldn't find two more different approaches to this nation's energy crunch than looking at the positions of Senator Pete Domenici and Senator Jeff Bingaman. Domenici wants to drill our way out of the crises even though we only have 3% of the reserves. Today he is calling for opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge....again. It will mean absolutely nothing to our current crises since it won't bring on oil supplies for ten years and it will only last half that long. Ten years from now if we haven't set our path firmly away from oil we will be lost anyway, or at least buying renewable technology from Europe and the Pacific rim. Domenici is just following the wishes of his profit fixated handlers in the Oil and Gas Industry. It is the same kind of thing we cold expect from Republicans Steve Pearce and Heather Wilson. Electing Tom Udall to Domenici's seat looms even larger in the scheme of things.

Senator Bingaman has a plan that is quite simple. 1. Freezing the filling of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. 2. Taking effective action to bring the oil market under the control of U.S. laws and regulations. 3. Empowering consumers to reduce their demand.

The consumers are already reducing demand by buying up high mileage cars and reducing overall demand. Now it is up to Washington to show some true leadership, unlike Hillary Clinton and John McCain's lame brained summertime gas tax roll back.

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