Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mystery Solved

No, it wasn't the mystery of where several million dollars in missing government money spent by former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil Giron ended up.

Our cat food bandit has been exposed. When the weather gets nice we keep the garage door cracked open about six inches for ventilation and access to Jerry the Cat's favorite sleeping place next to the water heater. Last summer the large bag of cat food we keep nearby kept getting raided along with the cat food dish. We knew that our neighbors cat, Ninja Cat, came in to sup once in a while along with some other kitties. But we thought they couldn't be eating as much as they seemed to be. Sometimes the 25lb. bag of food had been dragged ten feet towards the garage door.

Last night I set up my wildlife camera and got this picture. The rear end of a Raccoon. Mystery solved. I had suspected it was a raccoon since we live in the valley within a stone's throw to the Rio Grande. I have always liked these critters. Do they eat cats?


Dr. Know said...

They are very smart and inquisitive, and have an excellent sense of smell. As a kid, I tried keeping one as a pet - along with every other kind of wild animal in existence. An opossum was the worst attempt - they can be pretty vicious...

Ok, then said...

The very brief research I did and my own experience growing up in the marshes of SW Louisiana indicate that coons do not hunt cats and dogs, though they might scavenge pets that have already died.